Complete MERL Solutions

In the field of MERL support, we provide services from programme design to completion and all points in between, working continuously or intermittently throughout the life of a programme.

Complete MERL Solutions

1. Programme design and start-up

We provide technical support to synthesize data for use in health programme design, development of theories of change, logframes, MERL plans and performance frameworks. We assist in the design of data collection tools to implement MERL plans, including automated databases and links to national routine health information systems and digital data platforms. We also conduct focused reviews on a programme’s or organization’s MERL systems, and can work with clients to strengthen systems as required.

2. Programme implementation

We serve as a MERL partner throughout the lifetime of programmes. We can provide short-term technical assistance to support the implementation of MERL plans, data analysis and interpretation. We also assess the quality of all MERL deliverables of a given programme as quality assurance provider.
We second Tropical Health staff, to programmes, where they provide ongoing mentoring and MERL support, strengthening programme staff capacity and the quality of MERL outputs.

3. Health sector planning

We offer technical expertise in national strategic and operational planning in health and related sectors by synthesizing the evidence from past performance, best practices and cost-effective interventions. We contribute to developing and reviewing health plan performance frameworks, ensuring clear definition of indicators and targets.

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