Surveillance and Routine Information Systems

We design and support implementation of surveillance systems and facilitate improvement of routine health management information systems.

Surveillance and Routine Information Systems

1. Surveillance systems

We design and support the implementation of surveillance systems tailored to context-specific needs, including sentinel surveillance systems and routine health management information systems (HMIS). We build automated systems, with easy-to-use databases, making information from the surveillance system easily available and accessible to programme managers and staff with varying skill levels.

2. Routine health management information systems

Improvement of health management information systems often depends on an increased functionality of the broader health system. We undertake comprehensive reviews of health management information systems, as well as data quality, and provide analysis and recommendations for short and long-term improvement. Tropical Health can also provide capacity-building for staff at different levels as well as development of add-on tools to facilitate better utilization of data generated from existing systems, where this is thought to be the best interim solution.

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