Global Evaluation and Monitoring Framework Agreement (GEMFA)

Global Evaluation and Monitoring Framework Agreement (GEMFA)


Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) UK






2023-2025 with potential extension to 2027

The Issue

GEMFA is a framework agreement that ensures the provision of efficient and effective expert services for the delivery of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) for FCDO. Through various ‘lots’ covering differing aspects of MEL and global in scope, FCDO will request a rapid response across the following seven thematic areas:
 Climate change and biodiversity
 COVID and global health security
 Girls’ education
 Science, research and technology
 Open societies and conflict resolution
 Humanitarian preparedness and response
 Trade and economic development

A Tropical Health led consortium was successful in securing a seat as one of the FCDO pre-selected suppliers to respond to call down requests for MEL contracts of a value of less than GBP600,000. Tropical Health consortium comprises of partners whose expertise spans the full thematic breadth of GEMFA.

Tropical Health is in addition a partner on a few other consortia, which have been pre-selected by FCDO to provide MEL services for higher value contracts.

Further information on each individual GEMFA project will be posted separately.

Our Approach

For the consortium we lead, our approachis to provide a rapid response to call down requests utilising the partnership’s strengths to deliver high quality deliverables in the key thematic areas. Each call down assignment within GEMFA will have different contexts and deliverables and therefore different approaches will be developed and implemented.

For the consortia we partner with, we will ensure to offer our expertise where we add the most value and support the development of successful proposals and project implementation.

Our Findings

As our portfolio of GEMFA call downs expand, we will find opportunities to contribute to shared learning across the Framework.

Area of Expertise: