Technical Assistance to 2023 Mozambique Malaria Indicator Survey

Technical Assistance to 2023 Mozambique Malaria Indicator Survey


Global Fund MOSASWA (Mozambique, South Africa and Swaziland) region







The Issue

Malaria is endemic in Mozambique but parasitemia rates range from low in the southern part of the country to high in the northern provinces. The Instituto Nacional de Saude (INS), in coordination with the National Malaria Programme and the National Institute of Statistics (NIS), plan to conduct a malaria indicator survey at district-level in three southern provinces of Mozambique in 2023. The objectives are to measure malaria parasitemia through rapid diagnostic tests and molecular testing for children aged 6-59 months, as well as ownership and use of ITNs, uptake of malaria prevention during pregnancy, care seeking behavior, and other standard MIS indicators. Tropical Health was contracted to support INS with assessing data needs and supporting survey design, revision of questionnaires and manuals, data processing programmes, data analysis and dashboards, pre-testing and training, and drafting and disseminating the final survey report.

Our Approach

Tropical Health worked closely with INS and NIS to review and update paper survey questionnaires and to design an ODK-based online questionnaire. Tropical Health’s digital health partner, Relief Applications, supported the programming and testing of the ODK questionnaires and designed a monitoring dashboard that aggregates results in real-time during fieldwork, to follow key indicators and monitor data quality. Tropical Health provided in-person support during pre-testing activities in November 2022 and during the survey teams training in September-October 2023.

Our Findings

Findings will be made available when the final survey report is publicly disseminated.

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